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2024 Youth Music Awards Performance Adjudicators

    Dr Steve WATSON

    Elizabeth LIM

2024 Youth Music Awards Performance Winners

Performance Winners

1st Ashley DICKER, 17yrs Tenor Saxophone
2nd Nicholas CLAPHAM, 15yrs Piano
3rd Gabrielle THAI, 13yrs Violin

People's Choice Winner
Gabrielle THAI, 13yrs Violin

Promising Talent
Alex PUTRA, 17yrs Euphonium

Youngest Finalist

Gabrielle THAI, 13yrs Violin

Music Theatre Award

Allee REYNOLDS, 14yrs Voice


Opera Award
Pippa LUSCOMBE, 18yrs Voice

​Folk Festival Award
Edwin VO, 14yrs Clarinet


Christian BUTLER, 17yrs Alto Saxophone
Liam GREACEN, 16yrs Alto Saxophone
Emma JARVIS, 16yrs Voice
Justin SWORDS, 17yrs Baritone Saxophone

Melody TAMBUN, 17yrs Voice

2024 Youth Music Awards Composition Adjudicators

    Waratah Section: Claire EDWARDES

    Banksia Section:  Ben ROBINSON

2024 Youth Music Awards Composition Winners

Banksia Section

Theme :"Bold and Fearless!"

1st   Orin KIM NARUSHIMA, 17yrs “Romantic Overture”
2nd  Liam GREACEN, 16yrs “Tumultuous Blues”
3rd   Nate HUMPHREYS, 13yrs “An Icy Shiver”

Folk Festival Award
William PEARCE, 15yrs “The Rise of the Phoenix”


Inaugural Singer-Songwriter Award

Madison SCHIRALLI, 15yrs “Better with Me”


Promising Talent

Nathanael CLAPHAM, 12yrs (13 at eligibility date) “The Growing Storm”


Waratah Section

Theme: "Colour and Shapes"

1st  Edmund HUANG, 16yrs “Synaesthesia”
2nd  Alex PUTRA, 16yrs “Chroma Finale”
3rd  Jasmine CELESTIN, 21yrs “La Forme des Chutes de Neige”

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