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Sutherland Shire and St.George Youth Music Awards 2023

                                Who will stand on our stage in 2023 ?

                       Will it be another Emma Pask? or maybe another Kevin Hunt?

                                       or maybe even another Simon Tedeschi ? 

                                       or will you be writing a score for a movie?

                                         or a member of a Symphony orchestra?

                                                         or an opera singer

                                                 Will these people be you?

            One thing we do know is that to find out you need to prepare now

Stars aren't born - they're made through dedication, enthusiasm, and constant hard work

              So if you want to be a star you need to get into the hard work NOW

The Sutherland  Shire and St. George Music Awards have propelled many      talented young  people into careers they never thought possible.

           And you may be one of these in 2023 by entering our Awards programme

                               DETAILS COMING IN THE EARLY PART OF 2023

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