What's Coming Up... 

Cancellation of 12 September and 21 November 2021 Concerts


Sadly we have decided it is best to cancel the remaining two SMC Concerts for 2021.

This likely comes as no surprise, with such uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.


Our priority is to keep everyone safe, especially while many are not yet fully vaccinated.

However we are busy planning a great series for 2022 which we know you'll love - including "Jazz with Emma Pask" and "Wonderful" - a variety concert in honour of Lynn Buchman.

Membership forms will be available in a few weeks. Current subscribers will pay less, taking into account money already paid for any cancelled concerts.

With your support we can keep the Club vibrant and continue to engage amazing musicians. 

Wasn't it wonderful to have four great concerts in 2021 despite the challenges of Covid!

What lovely memories - "Back Together" (Piano, Harp and Voice), "A Classical Trio" (Piano, Violin, Viola), "Remembering The Carpenters" and "Plektra" (Mandolin Ensemble).


From the feedback we've received from both audience and artists, we know how special it was for everyone to enjoy such wonderful live music together ..........

                                               AND WE WILL AGAIN NEXT YEAR !