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  • Adjudicators will be noting the dress and presentation of the performers. This will apply for both Auditions and Finals. If performing cabaret, music theatre etc, entrants may dress appropriately for the part.

  • Entrants are required to perform one item with a maximum time of 6 minutes.

  • A bell will be rung at 6 minutes to indicate that the performance must end.

  • The Finalists will be announced at the conclusion of the Auditions.

  • Finalists will be invited to perform at the Finals Concert.

Finals Concert


  • Only Finalists will perform at the Finals Concert (FC)

  • SMC will notify Finalists of rehearsal times.

  • Entrants should perform for approx. 7 minutes (with a maximum of 10 minutes).

  • If the maximum time of 10 minutes is exceeded, the finalist may be disqualified.

  • not be the same as those performed at the Auditions.Works performed at the FC need

  • Finalists are required to bring a copy of the music for each item to the FC rehearsal (for preparing the adjudicator’s folder). One or two items may be performed.

  • Entrants failing to complete their performance at the initial attempt will be disqualified.

  • Notification of award recipients will be made at the conclusion of the FC.

Other Conditions

  • Group entries will not be accepted, and previous 1st place winners of the Performers Section of the Sutherland Shire & St George Youth Music Awards are ineligible to enter in this Section.

  • Entrants must be available and ready to perform when required. If unable to attend, entrants should contact the Co-ordinator on (02) 9524 6506. On the day, please use mobile 0423 381 665 and leave a text if unanswered.

  • Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the FC.

  • The perpetual trophy remains in the custody of SMC.

  • SMC reserves the right to cancel the Auditions and the FC in the event of any circumstance necessitating such actions.

  • The decision of SMC in all questions or disputes arising out of or not provided for in these conditions, will be final.

  • SMC reserves the right to record, film, broadcast, telecast, videotape or photograph any entrant, item or event in the Youth Music Awards without notification, and any such photographs, recording or broadcast may be used at SMC’s discretion for publicity or promotional purposes, but shall not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any participants and no remuneration or compensation whatsoever shall be claimable by any participant so featured.

  • The use of tape/CD recorders, videos or cameras is not allowed. Mobile phones, pagers, alarms and personal headsets must be switched off in the Awards venue. Performers may obtain any official photographs taken during the event at their own cost.

  • Fees can be paid by Direct Transfer or attached to the entry form. Cheques should be made payable to “Sutherland Music Club”. Entry forms may also be completed on-line.

  • Entry fees are not refundable after Friday 5th May 2023. If the Awards are cancelled all entry fees will be refunded.

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