Lisa Budin and Steven Kramer present

Remembering The Carpenters


Your Heritage Concert this year will take us back to the time when Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard changed the musical landscape and gave us music that was not only melodic

but also words that meant something.

It was indeed a refreshing change 

There is no doubt we can all remember some of

the great sounds of this sister and brother duo.

Their music was a delightful change from the main music

of the day and each of their recordings was

a combination of their distinct musical style and their lyrics

that touched everyone's emotions.

Who could forget songs like

"Close to You"

"We've only just Begun"

"Top of the World"


"Rainbow Connection"

With these songs and many more they recorded from the early seventies to mid eighties, they captured a time of the more romantic days of modern music.

This is what Lisa Budin and her pianist Steven Kramer

will do for us at our

Heritage Concert 

Through words and song Lisa and Steven take

us back to those wonderful years.