The Plectra Concert


The Plektra Concert was a resounding success. It was a fascinating programme with Dr. Lalor's original compositions alongside wonderful classical music. 
The sound of mandolins and mandolas with highlights of the guitar, double bass and Fiona Ziegler's superb violin made for a wonderful and exciting afternoon's entertainment. 

In the photo above the leader of the group, Dr. Stephen Lalor, is in the back row second from the left. Dr Lalor is an internationally renowned virtuoso mandolin soloist. He is also a composer and we heard some of his compositions in the programme on the day.

The programme included lively and relaxing music from Classical, Eastern European, original and world music.

Several members of the group are Conservatorium and University trained professional musicians currently performing in a wide range of musical contexts from symphony orchestras to jazz to traditional music groups.

Their CD "Plektra" has also received critical acclaim.